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崩壞3rd APKs (MOD, Unlimited money/coin) Download 版本5.4.0中的新內容

【S級女武神 | 次生銀翼】

【全新開放世界 | 後崩壞書第二章】
後崩壞書第二章即將更新,參與限時活動,可自選任意一件「次生銀翼」推薦聖痕 !還可領取水晶、愛因斯坦環磁機/崩壞結晶自選箱等獎勵!

【劇情新篇章 | 意志的彼岸】

【大型玩法 | 往世樂土更新】






New in version 5.4.0

【S-Class Valkyrie | Secondary Silver Wing】
After that disaster ended, the erstwhile warriors chose a peaceful life. However, when the world fell into crisis again, familiar figures appeared on the battlefield again.
A Valkyrie with biological attributes, it can cause freezing element damage, and can use branch attacks or nirvana to deploy a split barrier for high-frequency attacks.

【New Open World | Post-Honkaikai Chapter 2】
The stars dim, and the sun sets; the moon does not shine. From the magic city into the submerged ruins, can they find the answer to the truth?
The second chapter of the post-honour book will be updated soon. Participate in limited-time events, and you can choose any one of the “Secondary Silver Wings” recommended stigmata! You can also receive rewards such as Crystals, Einstein Ring Magnetic Machine/Honkai Crystal Option Box, etc.!

【New Chapter of the Plot | The Other Side of the Will】
The confrontation with Otto brings more puzzles and more urgent situations. How will they get out? Will Otto’s plan come true?
The story of the twenty-eighth chapter of the main story will be updated soon, and the chapter experience event will be opened for a limited time! Participate in the limited-time event to get rewards such as the costume “Valkyrie · Dawn” for Dark Rose, 4★ event stigmata, and crystals!

[Large-scale gameplay | Past Paradise Update]
Added “Secondary Silver Wing” and “Indestructible Star Anchor” to unlock the Valkyrie.
At the same time, the second set of core & booster engravings of “Gold”, “Instant” and “Tianhui” have been added, bringing a more diverse combat experience!

【Equipment Update】
Unleash new power, the heavy artillery weapon “Blue Flame Silver Falcon 0019” and the over-limit heavy artillery weapon “Blue Flame Silver Falcon Final Project” have been added to the arsenal!
When the world is in crisis, the soldiers of the past return to the battlefield, and the Wings of Truth Stigma suit “Bronya Second Silver Wing” appears to help the captain fight against Honkai!

【More clothing】
Miss Pink Fairy♪ Applicable Costume “Miss Pink Sweetheart♪”, Dark Rose Applicable Costume “Valkyrie Dawn”, and Midnight Absinthe Applicable Costume “Midnight Martini” are all new!

As long as the world is in crisis, she will return to the battlefield until the disaster is completely over——

【game introduction】
“Honkai 3rd” ignites the soul of ACG action! The next-generation action game strikes!
In the not too distant future, the mysterious disaster “Honkai” has eroded the world.
Humans infected by Honkai become “dead men” who have no thinking and only know how to destroy; infected animals become cruel “Honkai beasts” who only know how to attack.
The only ones who can fight against Honkai are girls who are born with antibodies, and they will have marks called “Stigmata” on their bodies.
Players will play the captain of the Hyperion, commanding and leading the white-haired European blood Kiana, the virtuous Mei Yi, the silent mercenary girl Bronya, the proud Jizi, and her own cuteness. Yae Sakura with fox ears, Teresa who is the cutest in the world, Karen who is a direct descendant of gunfighting, Fu Hua who does not lose to anyone if she is serious, Rita who blooms in the dark night, Twin sisters who dream of being a star , Twin Xier, whose personality is awakened, and Hollander, who is the most powerful warrior of Destiny. Work together to fight against the collapse and fight for all the beauty in the world!

[Necessary permissions]
In order to download and store game data, access to your phone’s media library is required

Official website: https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/tw/zh-tw
Official fan group: www.facebook.com/bh3tw
Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/%E5%B4%A9%E5%A3%9E3rd