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三國志・戰略版(港澳版) APKs (MOD, Unlimited money/coin) Download >> 百萬玩家在真實的戰場上,生產、發展、結盟、戰鬥、佔領,會產生怎樣的故事?
>> 當超多技能和戰法遇見百位武將、五大兵種,能有多少種剋制和搭配?
>> 在遊戲中,也能收穫如「艋舺」、「英雄本色」、和劉關張般的兄弟情義嗎?
















>> What kind of story will a million players produce, develop, form alliances, fight, and occupy on the real battlefield?
>> How many restraints and collocations can you have when you meet hundreds of military generals and five arms with super multi-skills and tactics?
>> In the game, can you also reap the brotherhood like “Mangjia”, “The True Colors of Heroes”, and Liu Guanzhang?

Come here to find out!

“Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” has created an extremely real strategic battlefield——
The mountains and rivers are magnificent, and the ancient battlefield is truly restored here. The majestic Mount Tai, the beautiful Jiuzhaigou, the historical checkpoint wharf… not only “good-looking”, but also “fun”, because everything you see can be used by you and becomes an important part of the strategy competition. Use valleys to block, use plains to set up cards; play with sounds and play to lure the enemy into depth. Here you can show off all kinds of ancient warfare and strategies, and experience the best sense of war presence in the most authentic Three Kingdoms!

You will become a hero of the Three Kingdoms, and hundreds of military commanders with their own characteristics are waiting for you to recruit. Not only that, there are a lot of powerful tactics for you to use with your favorite generals, such as: Yan Ren roars, all brave, use your strategy to create a unique lineup! Don’t forget, the game also has five arms. You can use arms to counteract each other, match your lineup cleverly, and achieve victory by defeating the enemy, and even winning with less.

So, how proficient in combat is invincible? No, no, no, true strategists know how to operate!

You will start from scratch and build your own main city step by step. By attacking different types and levels of resource land, hoarding resources and strategically allocating and using them, you can gradually build and upgrade your main city, unlock more gameplay and powerful buildings, and make your development faster. The game is also based on historical facts. In the real big map of one million grids, more than a hundred cities, state capitals and checkpoints in the history of the Three Kingdoms are set up for your strategy. Let you really start from the beginning of a city, continue to accumulate resources, explore and expand territories, and create your own hegemony!

Wait, who said that there is only fighting and killing in the battlefield?
Mature strategists know that the real battlefield is never without humanity and sophistication——

You can also choose to join an alliance of 200 people, make friends with like-minded brothers, and feel the same goal-to capture Luoyang and unify Kyushu, and the deep brotherhood of working together. You can put my shoulders on my shoulders, I can lean on your back; I’ll pave the way for you, but you can attack the city…In addition to choosing to fight head-on, you can also make distant and close attacks, make friends with various forces, and experience the true ebb and flow of the forces of the Three Kingdoms. Epic battle of the super army. Finally, don’t forget that there may be spies in the league!

The real Three Kingdoms, the romance of men
This is the “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”!

Wait, the most important thing is–
We promise: there is no VIP system, no resources or soldiers, and give the players the most factors that affect the outcome of the war, so that every player can enjoy the fun of strategy games.

What are you waiting for? Download it now!

[Game Features]
-See the light, see the shadow, see the day and night
3D struck, light and shadow upgraded

-Yi Shi, Yi You, Yi Brothers
An alliance of 200 people, each showing their magical powers

-Growth, develop, make a fortune
Start a city, build it

-I come, I see, I conquer
“Siege” is so famous and full of power

-Don’t sell, don’t sell, don’t sell
It’s really fair not to sell the value or sell the soldiers.

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