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まねぶー:子供・幼児向け ごっこ遊び 知育ゲーム APKs (MOD, Unlimited money/coin) Download ◆お金の勉強、社会体験、ごっこ遊び、知育が無料で楽しめるゲーム!

【対象年齢】3才、4歳、5歳、6歳、7歳、8歳 小学生 男の子/女の子

「まねぶー」は、SDGsを意識した親子で楽しめる 子供向け、幼児向け 知育ゲームです。無料ゲームでごっこ遊びをしながら、マネー学習ができる無料アプリです。














◆ A game where you can enjoy studying money, social experience, pretend play, and educational toy for free! It was
◇ The best app for parents and children to play together or play alone with their children!
◆ Occupational simulated experience-based money learning game for children, full of educational games for children and toddlers!
◇ A free game where you can also learn about SDGs!

[Target age] 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old, 8 years old elementary school boy / girl

Features of the free educational app “Manebu”
“Manebu” is an educational game for children and toddlers that parents and children can enjoy with SDGs in mind. It is a free app that allows you to learn money while playing free games.

● Play at a real company store!
Learn about society and the mechanism of money safely and securely so that infants and elementary school children aged 3 to 8 can work and make money and spend money through actual work and shopping as if playing a game. It is a service that you can go shopping.

● For parent-child communication!
Not only playing free games, but also learning from the curiosity and interests of children, it is designed so that parents can use it with peace of mind.
There are more opportunities for parent-child communication, such as how to play and how to finish work quickly.
Please play with your children and share a wonderful time with your children.

■ How to play the free educational game “Manebu”
・ Play various work games and get the in-app currency “Maneb”
・ Let’s shop with the received maneb and collect game items
・ Collecting game items will make your “house” bigger.
・ If you play every day, you will get stamps, and the number of vehicles and buildings such as various cars and planes will increase in the town, making it lively.
・ Pick up the garbage in the town, keep the town clean, and protect nature, animals, and resources!

Pretend play store and job introduction (in alphabetical order)
● au Jibun Bank:
Work pretend to learn about banks, money, stocks, etc. with games and quizzes!
・ ○ × quiz (quiz)
・ Stock investment (timing & reflexes)
・ Call center (reflexes)

● Kuradashi: Social contribution shopping site
Work pretend to learn how to reduce food loss!
・ Harvest (action)
・ Delivery of goods by car (memory)
・ Making a pot (math & reflexes)

● Sanritsu Confectionery: Confectionery maker
Work pretend to be fun to learn with snacks!
・ Crabpan puzzle (puzzle)
・ Chocolate bat batting (reflexes)
・ Crab bread cooking (cooking)

● Daiso: 100-yen shop
Displaying 100-yen uniform products-Playing 100-yen jobs where you can learn arithmetic by accounting!
・ Product replenishment (reflexes)
・ Cash register (action)
・ Accounting (Arithmetic)

● Tatsunoko Production: Animation production company
Pretend to work in animation production to make Yatterman and The Genie Family!
・ Coloring
・ Animation design check (spot the difference)
・ Animation frame arrangement (puzzle)

● Maruga Fisheries: Fish specialty store
Work pretend to catch, buy and sell delicious fish that will be sushi and sashimi!
・ Fishing (timing)
・ Fish auction (arithmetic)
・ Fish sales (reflexes)

● Relux: Accommodation reservation site
Work pretend to learn geography and sightseeing spots through travel!
・ Travel (Sugoroku)
・ Route memory (memory)
・ Finding mistakes in travel destinations (finding mistakes)

● Lotteria: Hamburger shop
Make a hamburger, serve customers, and learn math by accounting!
・ Making hamburgers (memory)
・ Customer service (reflexes)
・ Accounting (Arithmetic)

● Manebu Convenience Store: Convenience store
Convenience store work pretend that everyone knows!
・ Delivery of goods by car (memory)
・ Convenience product replenishment (reflexes)
・ Product bagging (puzzle)

At Manebu, we are preparing to play many other pretend games! !!

* The free game content in Manebu is designed for infants and children and may differ from the actual work.