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Required android

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いけー!放置戦士 APKs (MOD, Unlimited money/coin) Download [前夜] 事件が勃発し、末世が到来。人類はほぼ滅亡した!?!?





◆超ラクな放置RPG――神速で戦闘、神速で成長! 知らず知らずのうちに世界を救う!










※この2つの権限は、Androidバージョン9.0以下の端末(Androidバージョン9.0を含む)にのみ申請されます。 より多くのAndroid端末に対応するため、古い端末にはこの2つの権限を申請することにしています。 そのため、バージョン9.0以上のAndroid端末をご利用の場合は、これら2つの権限は申請されません。





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[Eve] The incident broke out and the end of life arrived. Mankind is almost destroyed! ?? !! ??

Viruses, beasts, giant crystal buildings, terrifying machine monsters.
Who is the one pulling the thread behind?

Five major powers, Machine, Bio, Gene, Mystery, and Alien, have appeared one after another.
What did they show up for?

Are the five major powers fighting for their respective interests toward the end of life? Or to find out the truth and bring the world back to peace
Are you fighting together?

You can collect resources even when you are offline, so you can easily improve your level even if you are busy working or studying.
3D casual neglected RPG game “Go! Abandoned warrior ”
Let’s leave and fight while exploring the big map. Enjoy flashy 3D skills while playing comfortably.

◆ Super easy neglected RPG-Battle at God speed, grow at God speed! Save the world without knowing it!
You can complete the battle quickly with double speed automatic play and clear the stage easily
Since you can collect various resources even when you are offline, you can level up as well.

◆ Collection + Collection + Collection + Collecting earnestly. Let’s beat the boss with your friends! Save the world without knowing it!
More than 200 heroes belonging to 5 camps are carefully designed one by one

Wild, cool, cute … you’ll definitely find your favorite type of hero

◆ Create your own party and acquire invincible equipment! Save the world without knowing it!
There is a strategy to freely combine 5 people party and each type of hero.

Attribute compatibility, hero battle, and position placement are the keys to battle victory.

◆ Isn’t it just left alone? Is there a mystery solution? Send a hero to the battlefield and acquire equipment! Save the world without knowing it!
Not only common contents such as stage clearing and collection
There are various ways to play, such as a labyrinth treasure trove, a land of trials, and an abandoned adventure.
Enjoy the challenge and acquire abundant resources. Enjoy enough without paying

◆ Embark on an adventurous journey with a novel world map
Unique summit league battle, battle between guilds
Base construction, territorial expansion, famous castle occupation, squadron …

Fight with guild members, earn guild Pt, enter rankings and earn lots of rewards!

◆ [Price]
App body: Free
* Some paid items are available.

◆ Access authority
Storage: Used for “game installation”.
* Access authority is required for some Android 6.0 and above devices. You can use the game without agreeing to the access rights.

Photo / Camera: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE access rights are required to use the album function.
* These two permissions are used in the in-game screenshot function.
* These two permissions are applied only to devices with Android version 9.0 or lower (including Android version 9.0). In order to support more Android devices, we will apply for these two permissions for older devices. Therefore, if you are using an Android device with version 9.0 or higher, you will not be able to apply for these two permissions.

* Basically, you can play for free, but there are some paid items.

◆ Operating environment
Android 5.0 and above
(Cannot work on Android 5.0 or less)

* Even if the device meets the operating environment, it may not operate normally depending on the device’s performance and specifications, and the device usage status specific to the device.

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